About Community Policing


In order to have a clear understanding of Nyumba kumi, it is necessary to understand the meaning of Policing and Community Policing.

  1. Policing is a pro active process put into place in order to maintain law and order, social cohesion and respect for the rule of law.

The Government Policing Agencies that are responsible for policing in Kenya are:

      1. National Government Administration Officers
      2. Immigration Service
      3. National Registration of Persons
      4. National Police Service
      5. Kenya Wildlife Service
      6. Kenya Prison Service
      7. Kenya Forest Service
      8. Kenya Maritime Authority
      9. Kenya Airports Authority
      10. Kenya Defense Forces
      11. National Intelligence Services
      12. National Youth Service
      13. Kenya Fisheries
      14. Judiciary ,
      15. Kenya Revenue Authority
      16. Kenya Civil Aviation
      17. National Environmental Management Authority
      18. The other partners are private security guards and the citizens.
  1. Community Policing is defined as a policing philosophy that promotes

organizational strategies which support the systematic use of partnerships between communities and government policing agencies, and problem solving techniques to pro actively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder and fear of crime.

(The government policing agencies mentioned above and the citizens form the multi-agency and the multi-faceted approach to mitigate the conditions that give rise to insecurity. This is the community that undertake policing hence community policing).

  1. Nyumba Kumi is a strategy of anchoring community policing at the household level or any other generic cluster. These households can be in a residential court, in an estate, a block of houses, a manyatta, a street, a market centre, a gated community, a village or a bulla. The concept is aimed at bringing Kenyans together in clusters defined by physical locations, felt needs and pursuit of common ideals: a safe, sustainable and prosperous neighbourhood.


Community Policing

Community policing is anchored in Article 244 (e) of our constitution which requires the National Police Service to promote relationship with broader society.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta

"No matter how much we do, there will never be one policeman for everyone and unless we work together with the security forces, the responsibility lies on me and you,"

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